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About Amy

Amy's journey began about 12 years ago when her body's message grew increasingly louder and unavoidable. She can remember sensing things as a child but when she spoke up about them she was told by others that she was "too sensitive" and was affected by too many things that weren't "real". At the time, Amy didn't know what this meant for her, so she pushed these sensations and feelings away and tried to "fit in" with everyone else.  She wouldn't discover that she was Highly Sensitive and Empathic until further along in her healing journey. By age 30,  many of her sensations and symptoms increased to the point that she was bedridden.  Her body was desperate for her to hear it's cries for help but Amy didn't know how.

If you want to learn if you are an HSP take this quiz

"Your Soul has all the answers. The only way to hear them is to go within." -Rebecca Campbell

She went the standard Western Medicine treatment route, but nothing seemed to work and she became sicker and sicker. She was fed up, and sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired. It took some time, but she forged her own path which began with Plant Medicine where she soon discovered some relief and answers. A few years later, she learned about Energy Medicine (EM), and more of the puzzle pieces fell into place.  

* Note* EM is based on the understanding established by modern day quantum biology and quantum physics. Science now acknowledges that energy is the basis of all of our physical reality, which means that EVERYTHING that exists in our world is energy. This includes your body, and everything you can and cannot see. The body is an electrical and energetic system just as much as it is made up of physical components of water, skin, flesh and bones.

She began to realize that she had the power to change her situation, which kept her going on her journey of discovery. This led her to realizing that "surrender doesn't need to be a dirty word". She began to reconnect back to her Body and to add in the missing component of Spirit. She discovered that her body was designed to heal and all three aspects, the mind, body and spirit, needed to be addressed in order for that to happen.

Through her own healing and health journey she decided to begin helping others to choose what is best for them, by assisting them in connecting to their own inner knowing. As she believes, we all have the ability to live with the guidance of our intuition-we simply need to trust that it is real. 

"Energy Medicine is the future of all medicine".

-Dr. Norm Shealy

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