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About Amy








I became inspired to help others in healing from chronic disease and pain because I struggled with finding answers for my too many to conditions to count.



I felt unseen, unheard and not believed by Western Medicine and felt like there had to be another way to heal beyond the standard medicine approach of physicians, pills and protocols model. I wanted off the hamster wheel of doing the same thing over and over again where the only result was I became sicker.



Dr. Kim D’Eramo uses the phrase “What’s right that I’m not getting in her approach with facing sensations and emotions” Its about leaning into curiosity rather than judgment or blame when the body sends messages in the form of sensations and feelings.



I represent that curiosity aspect for my clients in my one one health coaching work. I can walk along with you so that we can grow and discover together what you need for less pain and disease.


I continue to grow and develop as a human being by trusting that the messages from my body are to help me not hurt me. I also seek out my own supportive network to guide and hold me throughout my ongoing personal healing journey so that I can continue to enhance my skills. As well as be resourced to hold space for my own clients.


I believe in showing up for myself everyday in my journey of uncovering my body's messages for healing. I affirm that each person has the ability to learn from the guidance of their intuition-you simply need to trust that it is real.

This is why I use a multi prong approach to guide you through your personal healing process. My approach is backed by ancient traditional healing systems like Plant and Energy Medicine.

I believe that many of the answers for healing are present in these ancient healing systems. Like Dr. Norm Shealy, I believe that "Energy Medicine is the future of all medicine".

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What is breathwork??Amy Stein
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Bonus short breathworkAmy Stein Guided Breath Session
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How Can Mind Body Spirit Breath
Sessions Help You?

Meditation for Those Who Can't Meditate

Assist with "Feeling Numb From the Neck Down"

Strengthening Your Intuition

Releasing Past Trauma Without Having to Name "IT"

Easing Chronic Pain & Injury

Releasing Negative Stuck Emotions

Development of Coping Skills

Promoting Relaxation

Increasing and Restoring Energy & Vitality

Aiding in Sleep Issues

Mood Balancing

Helping to Change Habits

Improving Mental Clarity

Aiding in Feeling Calmer and Less Overwhelmed by Life



And Much, Much More

What happens in a
Mind Body Spirit Breath session?

Mind Body Spirit Breath sessions involve a variety of techniques in each individualized sessions.


It can entail Breathwork, Energy Medicine, Plant Medicine, lifestyle changes, and mindfulness techniques. 


Each aspect of the session is practiced from a trauma-informed lens, as each client's safety is my primary concern.


In Mind Body Spirit Breath sessions there exists support and assistance for each client to try out different modalities.


Each individual is distinct in their needs and life experiences so it is important for you to see which approach makes the most sense for you.


I want you to have less pain and disease so that you can achieve wellness and the freedom to live the life you deserve and desire!

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