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Can you Be Still?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Stillness-the humidity and heat of August promotes a stillness to occur in our activities. We move slower and maybe more mindfully. Resting and relaxing more as the density of the humidity and heat reminds us to slow down and enjoy what is left of Summer. I spend most of my August in the backyard in the shade under our big Maple tree with B listening to the birds, admiring my colorful and full garden. Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds flitter through bringing a smile to my face and an appreciation for their gifts in allowing my garden to grow and flourish. The stillness feels good mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically-it is a time for me to just be with whatever comes up. To allow my body to move and express itself in whatever way feels good or to just lay back and close my eyes and day dream in peace. I read lots of fiction books that make me laugh out loud and allow myself to get lost in their stories for an entire afternoon. Stillness doesn’t mean we aren’t getting anything done-it is a necessary part of life and you will see this when you look at Mother Nature. She is our greatest teacher and my daily inspiration. Rest is so important and it doesn’t always mean sleep but could mean day dreaming or just being in the moment with whatever comes up. I invite you today to choose a moment of stillness and really feel the difference it can make. #Stillness, #rest, #notodo, #agendaless, #breathe, #listen, #feel

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