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Reconnect to Your Body

Amy is an Herbalist, Energy Medicine Educator and Trauma-Informed Breathwork Coach. Her mission is to educate and empower those who are struggling with health imbalances whether that be mental, physical, spiritual, energetic or emotional. She believes that when we learn how to live in harmony in our bodies and environments healing can occur. By looking to work with Mother Nature’s intelligence for strength and resilience we can mirror these traits in our own healing. Inspired by her own struggles with multiple autoimmune diseases and trauma; she believes that when we are open to hearing the body's messages for connection with the mind, body and spirit we can begin to heal. Reminding ourselves that we get to choose what is best for us as each person is unique in their needs and experiences. Her approach uses the “power of the plants”, energy medicine techniques and breathwork to assist in reconnecting you to your bodies inner wisdom.

What Can Mind-Body-Spirit-Breath
Sessions Help With?

Meditation for Those Who Can't Meditate

Reconnection to Your Body

Strengthen Your Intuition

Total Mind-Body Healing

Release Past Trauma

Easing Chronic Pain/Injury

Releasing Negative Emotions

Aids in Stress Relief

Development of Coping Skills

Promotes Relaxation

Increases Energy & Vitality

Aids in Sleep Issues

Mood Balancing

Improves Mental Clarity

And Much, Much More

What happens in a session?

Mind-Body-Spirit-Breath Sessions are individualized to each client's needs. These sessions combine the magic of the Moon, the immense power of Mother Nature/Gaia and your own innate wisdom to heal on all levels-mind, body, soul. Throughout my decade+ journey I have tried so many different approaches and techniques  to heal from too many health conditions to count. Some things worked and some didn't. I found that the techniques that worked didn't work 100% and I would be trying to "manic heal" myself better. I didn't know why what I was doing wasn't working-I was frustrated and confused.









This is why I take an individualized approach for each client and we discuss together what feels possible or manageable for YOU. You have access to my decade+ personal knowledge and experience to discover what is the best path for you. We work together on rebuilding trust in the body and empower you to choose what is best for you and your healing journey. Healing is not linear and cannot be rushed or be done alone-believe me I tried it all. I'm here to be the support in any capacity you need on this journey of healing.

Healing happens when it occurs in a supportive and nurturing environment where I re-affirm that your are enough and are doing enough! The best part of breathwork is that we don't need to relive or rename the traumatic or stressful experiences in order for the body to process and release them. The breath is so powerful and can do so much when we allow it to happen organically. You become more open to healing and releasing during the breath practice which is why it is an integral part of my sessions. Join me so that you can feel what it is like to be  seen, heard and believed. You are not alone, I've got YOU!!

What does a Mind Body Spirit Breath Session look like? Check out this short video to learn more

About Amy

If you would rather listen, than read about Amy's Journey, check out her podcast interviews on her media page.

Here's a quick soundbite to listen to here:

Amy's journey began about 12 years ago when her body's message grew increasingly loud and unavoidable. She had always had stomachaches and headaches as a child but the message that was given to her by others was that she was too "sensitive" and was affected by too many things. At the time Amy didn't know what this meant and wouldn't discover that she was Highly Sensitive and Empathic until further in her healing journey. This is when many of these sensations increased in intensity and duration and she was unable to ignore them anymore.


If you want to learn if you are an HSP take this quiz:

"Energy Medicine ins the future of all medicine". -Dr. Norm Shealy

She went the traditional route for healing but nothing seemed to work and she became sicker and sicker. It took some time but she found her way to Plant Medicine and she found some relief. Then she discovered Energy Medicine a few years later and more of the puzzle pieces fell into place.  She realized that she had the power to change her situation, which was a huge and impactful discovery. This led her to realizing that "surrender doesn't need to be a dirty word". She began to re-connect her Body and Mind and add in the missing component of Spirit. This then led to the final piece of the trauma-informed breathwork training. This piece allowed here to remember that her body was designed to heal and that in order to heal she needed to be fully present in her body-remembering that her body was a safe space. It also brought to her attention that you can't heal by yourself, you need to be supported in the process to allow for the healing to occur.

Through her own healing and health journey she decided to begin helping others to reconnect to their own inner wisdom. She realized that we all have the ability to live via our intuition-we simply need to trust it. In fact living by our intuition is aligning with our Soul and allowing our lives to flow rather than forcing and controlling.

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Image by Mohammad Metri

"There is the in-breath and  there is the out-breath and it's easy to believe that we must exhale all the time, without ever inhaling. But the inhale is absolutely essential if you want to continue to exhale".      -Brene Brown 

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Mind Body Spirit Breath 

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"Amy is calm, gentle and easy to work with. I have never experienced this healing modality before. I feel Amy is very in tune with me and knows what my body needs, I always feel comforted and supported. I enjoy our discussions after the breath as I always have insights into my journey. I always feel better after our sessions" Eva W.

“Amy was amazing in her ability to coax me into a relaxed state. From the music to the different breath patterns and affirmations everything was perfect-highly recommended, she’s a natural”-Tricia N.

"Thank you so much for leading us through an amazing breathwork session and for sharing your magic with the group"-Kacie M.

"I felt rested and renewed after my session-like I had just had a massage. I felt rested yet renewed, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. Amy’s words and pacing created a safe space and guided me through a practice that felt so beneficial. I can still feel the echo of the experience in my body well after my session"-Joanne G.

"Amy does a fantastic job-she puts a lot of thought into each session giving each person what they need. The examples she includes from her own healing journey are helpful and shows the passion for what she is doing and all of the experience she has gained"- Lisa W.

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