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Connect to Your Body's Wisdom

Amy is an Herbalist, Energy Medicine Educator and Trauma-Informed Breathwork Coach. In a world where chronic pain and disease can be overwhelming, Amy’s on a mission to empower women to take control of their health and well-being. As a guide and educator, she leverages the wisdom of ancient healing techniques to help women transform into their own best healers. Through tailored support and holistic practices, she enables them to reclaim their lives from the grip of pain and disease into one of health and vitality.

What Can Mind-Body-Spirit-Breath
Sessions Help With?

Meditation for Those Who Can't Meditate

Assist with "Feeling Numb From the Neck Down"

Strengthening Your Intuition

Releasing Past Trauma Without Having to Name "IT"

Easing Chronic Pain & Injury

Releasing Negative Stuck Emotions

Development of Coping Skills

Promoting Relaxation

Increasing and Restoring Energy & Vitality

Aiding in Sleep Issues

Mood Balancing

Helping to Change Habits

Improving Mental Clarity

Aiding in Feeling Calmer and Less Overwhelmed by Life



And Much, Much More

What happens in a session?

Mind-Body-Spirit-Breath Sessions are individualized to each client's needs. I firmly believe that "You get to choose what is best for you"! Throughout my decade+ journey I have tried so many different approaches and techniques to heal from too many health conditions to count. Some things worked and some things didn't. I found that the techniques that worked didn't work 100% and I would be trying to "manic heal" myself better. I didn't know why what I was doing wasn't working-I was overwhelmed, frustrated and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I wish I knew then what I know NOW!!!



Healing is not linear and cannot be rushed or be done alone-believe me I've tried. I'm here to support you and offer a safe space on this journey of healing and discovery. 

Healing needs to occur in a supportive and nurturing environment for the body-safety is crucial to the process. Check out this short five minute breath session here to feel the power that lives in your body.


Join me so that you can feel what it is like to be seen, heard and believed. You are not alone, I'm here to walk beside YOU so you can learn how to be your best healer!!


What does a Mind Body Spirit Breath Session look like? Check out this short video to learn more


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