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In a world where chronic pain and disease can be overwhelming, Amy’s mission is to empower women to take control of their health and well-being. Her job is to discover the root cause of imbalances in your body so that you have less sickness and healthier well being.

Amy works with those who want a holistic and natural approach to heal from chronic pain and disease.  Her approach is inspired by the wisdom of Ancient Healing practices and Mother Nature.


She uses her two decades of research experience to uncover answers with her back to basics approach.  She lives by the wisdom first said by Rebecca Campbell,  "Your Soul has all the answers. The only way to hear them is to go within".

About Amy


Clients come to her with health issues that they have not had results healing elsewhere. Amy can relate to these challenges as she had too many conditions to count and didn't know how to heal herself. 


If you want off the merry-go-round and out of the standard protocol of physicians, pills, pictures and prescriptions pads, contact her to get started. She assists you to reveal your root cause and put together a plan for how to improve your health.

Amy's coaching is from a trauma-informed perspective which prioritizes your safety first. A cornerstone of her approach uses the power of your breath to uncover your body’s messages for healing. Each person has an innate wisdom that exists inside of them and the power of your breath can unlock it. Listen to the ten most important things I learned after ten years of healing.

She educates you on how to transform into your own best healer. Through tailored support and holistic practices, she assists you to reclaim your life from the grip of pain and disease. 




One of her favorite mantras is “You get to choose what is best for you”. And she truly believes that "Energy Medicine is the future of all medicine" as Dr. Norm Shealy has said.

Throughout Amy’s healing journey she has embarked on becoming an Herbalist, Energy Medicine educator, trauma-informed Breathwork Coach & Author. You can find Amy with her faithful pup B exploring Mother Nature on Long Island, NY. 

What I Discovered after 10 Years of Healing

Those who work with Amy, whether one on one or in workshops, have the experience of being supported in a safe and peaceful space. While working with her they are able to understand their body’s messages for healing to have less pain and ailments.

Amy discovered the immense power of the plants when she began to study Plant Medicine almost a decade ago. She felt inspired to create her own line of herbal products to ease various ailments and pain. Her herbal products are effective, all natural and toxin free.

Amy writes in her blog and newsletters about how the body is designed to operate because it isn’t something that is taught in school. She believes it is important to understand the mechanisms of the body so that you can work with it rather than against it. She created a Healing Journal so that you can decipher what your body is trying to tell you through your symptoms.  

The more you understand the messages from the body the easier it can be to achieve healing and wellness. Sign up for her newsletter and receive a recorded guided breath session.

Amy speaks about the discoveries she has made in her journey of unlearning to heal from too many conditions to count. She allows others to feel less alone and validates their need to be seen, heard and believed when battling chronic disease and pain. 

Want to learn how to grow plants to support your overall health?  On her YouTube channel, @AmytheAmateurHerbalist, she shows you how to make various herbal products; live in a back to basics way in the modern day world as well as cook simple and nutritious meals.

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