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What Others Say About 

Working With Amy

"I had the privilege of doing a virtual breathwork session with Amy, and it was absolutely amazing. It was the first time I’d ever done anything like this. I felt so rejuvenated afterwards, which I wasn’t expecting. Amy created a safe and nurturing environment, which made me feel completely at ease. Her soothing voice guided me through some different breathing techniques, and I was able to let go of some tension and connect with my body – also new to me. With each breath, I felt the stress and overwhelm disappear, and I left the session feeling lighter, more focused and I had more energy. I loved how grounded, centered and peaceful I felt.

Amy really has a remarkable ability to hold space and provide encouragement through the session. I highly recommend trying a session – or 10 – especially if you’re looking for a transformative and rejuvenating experience. You’ll be glad you did"!

~Lynne I.

"Amy is calm, gentle and easy to work with. I have never experienced this healing modality before. I feel Amy is very in tune with me and knows what my body needs, I always feel comforted and supported. I enjoy our discussions after the breath as I always have insights into my journey. I always feel better after our sessions" ~Eva W.

“Amy was amazing in her ability to coax me into a relaxed state. From the music to the different breath patterns and affirmations everything was perfect-highly recommended, she’s a natural”.

~Tricia N.

"Thank you so much for leading us through an amazing breathwork session and for sharing your magic with the group".

~Kacie M.

"I felt rested and renewed after my session-like I had just had a massage. I felt rested yet renewed, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. Amy’s words and pacing created a safe space and guided me through a practice that felt so beneficial. I can still feel the echo of the experience in my body well after my session".

~Joanne G.

"Amy does a fantastic job-she puts a lot of thought into each session giving each person what they need. The examples she includes from her own healing journey are helpful and shows the passion for what she is doing and all of the experience she has gained".

~Lisa W.

Check Out What Customers of Violet's Bewitching Say About the Herbal Products

"Highly recommend, I have the Lung TLC and it is absolutely amazing my lungs are staying clear and open". -Sharon C.


"I use Amy’s Bye Bye Bad Juju at events and love it! Her Pain be Gone is one of my best sellers. She is amazing".

~Mellissa L.

"High quality Natural ingredients Quick shipping Made with care I love all of the ones I've tried including the Pain Be Gone, Protection, Cool Down, Anti-Aging and Help Her balms"!!

-Tracy H.

"The Sweet Dreams is great to help me relax before bed! Bad Mood Banisher is great for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed! Amy was very helpful in explaining how the balms worked and how to use them!" I I use the Bye Bye Bellyache for my IBS as I get stomach pain often, tried this balm out instead of my usual Tylenol. I was surprised how great this worked and quickly too. The Concentrate balm I use everyday around 2pm when I get the after lunch tired feeling. I love that I can use this to help me focus at work instead of drinking more coffee!"  Definitely recommend these and I love that they are all natural. And quick delivery"!! -Catherine T.

"This Pain balm is amazing. It really has helped the back of my knees feel better. Definitely try it! And to top it off, the packaging was beautiful"!!

-Lynne Y.

"The Bad Mood Banisher is an amazing balm that smells great and works well. I received it quickly and it was packaged well. Will definitely be ordering again". 

-Jay C.

"Amy thank you so much for your miracle balms!! I have my second viral cold and I put the Lung TLC on before bed and now I finally have a productive cough. It feels miraculous! I've been struggling all week".

-Marissa P.

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