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Welcome to Mind Body Spirit Breath

Access a Live Virtual Breathwork Session valued at $77 and receive a bonus pre-recorded guided breathwork session. Want to get started feeling less stressed and more resourced NOW?



In a world where chronic pain and disease can be overwhelming, Amy’s mission is to empower women to take control of their health and well-being. Her job is to discover the root cause of imbalances in your body so that you have less sickness, pain and a healthier well being.


Amy works with those who want a holistic and natural approach to heal from chronic pain and disease.  Her approach is inspired by the wisdom of Ancient Healing and Mother Nature.



Clients come to her with health issues that they have not had results healing elsewhere. Amy can relate to these challenges as she had too many conditions to count and didn't know how to heal herself. 


She uses her two decades of research experience to uncover answers with her "Back to Basics" approach.  She lives by the wisdom first said by Rebecca Campbell,  "Your Soul has all the answers. The only way to hear them is to go within".

Amy's coaching is from a trauma-informed perspective which prioritizes your safety first. A cornerstone of her approach uses the power of your breath to uncover your body’s messages for healing. Each person has an innate wisdom that exists inside of them and the power of your breath can unlock it. 

I'm always looking to speak with others who are looking to use holistic techniques to regain and restore their health. 

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