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My Approach to Healing

Do you live with chronic pain and disease and want support from someone who know how challenging and lonely it can be?  I've been on the merry-go-round to nowhere and got off to find an approach that worked specifically for them? If so keep reading.


After many years I've discovered that Western Medicine misses the mark. Here's what I found. The standardized approach doesn't look at the body as a whole but as a system of parts. It uses band aids in the form of medication to treat symptoms without seeking the root cause of why you are sick.


Everything to do with health and sickness is connected in life. There is no separation between the food you eat; the lifestyle you lead; the childhood trauma you've experienced or the stress and invisible toxins that can affect your system. Genes aren't your destiny, they play a role but so do so many other variables.

After many years I uncovered the missing puzzle pieces to regain my health as well as trust in my body and I want to share it with you.

I am one of those healers who has been where you are and walks the walk. What I recommend to clients is how I live my own life. It is a ​"back to basics" approach​ which involves a connection to the whole body and the wisdom that resides there.

I've discovered five keys that are really important to connect you to the innate wisdom that lives within your body. The first one is breathing. The doing involved in healing can be tedious, exhausting and frustrating. It can also work against the body's design for healing. I’m all about finding the least complicated way to work with the body and breathwork fits the bill.


When working with clients I use my intuition to guide me. Each individual has a different path to healing.  Each person is unique in their experiences, and has different puzzle pieces to connect on their healing journey. 


My approach is one of collaboration with you. Not a set of directions I give you to follow and report back when things get worse. I ask questions so that I can assist you in uncovering the most important places to focus on first to get you some wins under your belt. When you begin to feel better you will want to uncover more of what is keeping you stuck in pain and illness.


I’m all about incorporating small, consistent healing practices that can have a huge impact on your health and well being. As a human you can make it more difficult then it needs to be. That's why I takes a back-to basics approach that works with your whole system in a gentle and mindful process.


These are the 5 Keys that have become my non-negotiables and are part of my "Back to Basics" approach I use with clients.


These are the 5 Keys I apply to my own life and I recommend to my clients. Read these over so that you can start feeling better NOW!

  • Breathwork: I try and do my practice in the morning to set the tone for my day. Many times I will do it again if I'm sitting in traffic or feel like I need to shake off an experience or event. It's free and always available and you don't need to go anywhere to access it.  

  • Connection with Mother Nature: Sunshine literally kills harmful cells! Embrace its warmth and energy, to boost your mood and health.  Humans were designed to be in connection with Mother Nature. Find ways to immerse yourself in the calming embrace and wisdom that SHE provides. Whether it's a walk in the park or simply standing barefoot on the grass; let the Earth's natural energy recharge and ground you.

  • Reconnect with Yourself: It's time to prioritize your well-being! Stop apologizing for taking the time to nourish and care for yourself. You are important and you won't be able to care for anyone else if your cup is empty. Find ways to embrace your desires and resource yourself with restorative practices. 

  • Sleep/Rest: Sleep is so important and the latest research indicates that 98-99% of the population needs at least eight hours of sleep! During sleep, primarily the hours of 10pm-2am is when your body runs many detoxifying and healing processes. If you aren't sleeping then those actions aren't happening. Limit blue-light and devices in your bedroom as they disrupt your sleep. You want to make the room you sleep in a calm and peaceful environment so that you can have restful and restorative sleep. Finding time to rest is equally important. Especially without the use of a device. The constant doing of modern day society is not how your brain or body were designed to work. Not prioritizing sleep or rest wears the system down in all ways; mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic.

  • Be Mindful of What You Ingest: I use the practice of awareness for this idea. I don't watch disturbing images or spend much time on the news or social media. Your system doesn't know the difference between what is happening to you in real life and what it is witnessing on a device. It will react the same way and think that you are in danger. Any exposure I can control which may add more stress to my system I've tried to minimize. I prioritize what I put on and in my body realizing its the only one I've got this time around.  This means, food, chemicals, personal care and home cleaning products. Discover how to work with your body rather than against it.



I have studied and used techniques from Integrative Medicine, Eastern Medicine, and Ancient Healing for over a decade. This means that I have a​ holistic view ​of health and wellness. And I see each person as unique and whole.

I will listen, see and believe you when you share your life experiences as well as your frustrations because I've been there and I know how hard it is to be taken seriously. I want to know all of you. What are your hopes and desires for healing?

I'm here to support and respect your privacy and the need to do things on your own terms. I can assist you in unraveling the issues that you have not understood or been unable to resolve before on your own or with a past health professional.

I recognize and believe that your body is designed to heal and that there are many ways to support that innate process and access you healer within. I firmly believe that you get to choose what is best for you as you are the only one who lives in your body.

I want to ​help you find that path of hope again​, even if it feels hopeless right now.

I can teach you about how disease enters the body, and how it leaves. How the body operates and how it may seem to sabotage you. All of this I've gathered from my over a decade of studying ancient healing traditions and techniques. The same approach I've used for myself and still use today.

Healing is more than mindset. And you can't do it by yourself. You need support and to believed in. No one knows this better than me. There is a study that shows that if you believe in your doctor, healer, physician, you have a 61% better chance of healing.

But what if you could understand the truth that YOU are that healer and discovered how to believe in yourself?

Ready to discuss and discover what approach will work best for you on your personal journey?

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