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You Aren't a System of Parts

Updated: Jun 3

“Just like there's always time for pain, there's always time for healing.”

― Jennifer Brown


You might think differently if you were raised in the system of Western Medicine. The standardized approach is to parcel you out as parts rather than look at your body as a whole. And there is the use of medication to silence your symptoms without asking "why is this happening"?

I spent a lot of my childhood seeing different specialists to try and figure out why I was so sensitive and reacting to my environment so much. I felt sick more days than not and was crippled by stomach pain and headaches almost daily. I didn't understand why as a child and as an adult I was equally mystified when these symptoms worsened and new ones occurred.

The complaints from my body in the form of sensations only became stronger as I grew up. It was in my late twenties while working with geriatric patients when I began to resemble them that I knew I could no longer ignore the situation. I did what I had done hundreds of times before. I made an appointment with the doctor, one who I had worked alongside of for four years. Rather than receive answers I was treated like a number and told to come back when it got worse and sent out the door with some prescriptions for testing and medications.

I was shocked and dismayed and was under the impression I would be treated differently as I was younger and not a stranger...

When I went to the doctor for an explanation and help no one spoke about the disconnection throughout the systems of my body. Of how all of the systems worked together to maintain balance and that the over the counter medications I had taken for so long were interfering. Instead I was given stronger prescription medications to quiet the symptoms.

No one spoke about it taking a mind, body, spirit approach to heal fully. I didn't understand either the value of connection to all aspects of my system; the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic. I didn't know that I could discover how to dialogue with the body to decode its messages for healing.

Typically you aren't taught about how your body works or that it is designed to heal in school. Instead you watch an uncomfortable video in fifth grade about the changes to come to your body with puberty. Maybe in Biology you see a video about labor and delivery. I don't remember learning much in health class and I especially didn't learn that the systems were connected and all aspects of them needed to be incorporated for healing.

One day after being on the merry-go-round to nowhere I decided to do something different. I embarked on a journey to study how the body really works and what I needed to do to work with it. This wasn't a quick process...

It took over a decade and so much research. But I began to understand the mechanisms of the body as a whole. I now can witness what happens when I chose to numb out from life or stifle my feelings. My pain and sensations increase and worsen. I now have tools that are based upon proven ancient healing wisdom that I can use to work with my body rather than against it.

I've uncovered through somatic work how to comprehend the foreign language from the body better now and you can too.

I'm not perfect, because I'm human like you. This is what made me decide to create a "Healing Journal" for others who are struggling with their health. It's even for those who feel numb from the neck down and fear touching those emotions and sensations they have under lock and key. It's normal trust me and I get it!

The "Healing Journal" offers four simple daily prompts that help you to explore what the body is trying to communicate through your feelings and symptoms.

But this is not just a journal; it's a trusted companion on your journey to reclaiming your health and well being.

What is your health worth to you?

Can you start each day with the intention to work with the body?

Can you embrace the transformative power of self-reflection to uncover your body’s messages for healing?

Now is the time to embark on a path towards healing that aligns with the wisdom of your body.

Your transformative journey begins here.


Here's to you speaking your individual body's unique language,

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