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The Idea of Routine vs. Ritual

“I want to caution you against the idea that balance

has to be a routine that looks the same

week in and week out”.​

~Kevin Thoman

Being a type-A personality I love a good routine. Until I became sick and bed ridden and couldn't leave my house let alone get out of bed. My rigid routine did not help me one bit. In fact looking back I think it kept me stuck in beliefs that prevented me from healing.

My routine had kept me feeling safe more years than not but when I was battling too many conditions to count routine was the last thing I needed. I couldn't predict what my day would look like upon waking and many days the most I did was get out of bed to go to the bathroom. These were times when I spent almost a full twenty four hours in bed due to severe all body pain and all consuming brain fog, migraines and vertigo.

How I moved through it involved lots of small puzzle pieces. Some of them worked and some I needed to toss aside. I was desperate for the safety and consistency of a routine but my body's erratic and unpredictable behavior prevented it. At my worst times I had an hour where my brain kind of functioned. This was where I prioritized meal prep so that I would have "safe" food to eat.

I mention this idea of routine versus ritual because I don't really know many people who live intentionally and in alignment with their body and Mother Nature. But this method has brought the most healing for me. Its a back to basics approach that sounds really simple but has been quite effective for me and many others. Want to learn more?

Maybe most of your day is spent in the same routine. You may know what day it is by what activities are scheduled.

I get it, as when life seems predictable it feels safe and non threatening to your nervous system. The Groundhogs day phenomenon can be tiring in its receptiveness. But you body likes the standardized repetition of day in and day out. This is why making changes or starting new habits can be so difficult. Your body relishes the tired and true.

Until something shakes up your world and causes you to re-examine your daily grind. Maybe you become sick like me and your routine goes out the window.

Uncertainty may set in. Along with fear, panic of the unknown.

The idea of change causes you to break out in a cold sweat and your stomach to drop. These are all messages from the body that the balance is off. Things are out of whack and it wants you to go back to how things were. You may try to return to your routine to establish some sense of normalcy again. Which may be easier said than done.

Until you realize that living in a routine is harder than not. Maybe you come to the conclusion that it no longer serves you or is not helpful anymore. And this type of behavior can cause you to stay stuck in the same harmful patterns and situations without even seeing the bigger picture. It can keep you stuck in pain and disease as well.

Can you relate?

In the past the importance of ritual was revered. There was a balance. A dance between what happened in life and how you could respond to work with it rather than against it.

There was a trust in the unknown, in what could not be seen.

I've found that this rhythm is what is needed for healing to occur.

The practice of reverence allows for a cadence in the participation of ritual and ceremony.


Routine is an automatic reaction, it is a rote behavior, there can be no conscious awareness and it can be restrictive to your well being.

Ritual allows for an intentionality in your action, a mindfulness of what you are choosing to engage in.

It can allow for a flexibility, to adapt to the changes that always happen in life.

Rather than a rigid routine of ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you...and can keep you stuck.

A rhythm with what is and what can be when you allow curiosity and healing to occur. Find out more here.

It's simple, maybe not easy. But healing doesn't need to be hard or complicated. It can happen overtime with small intentional steps.

You are given this one life to live your purpose...

Here's an invitation to explore what that can look like as the seasons shift.

Can you cultivate the ability to create rituals rather than abiding by strict routines?

What small step you can take in a new direction?

In service to you,


P.S. Want to learn more about my approach and why I use Mother Nature and proven ancient healing techniques like Breathwork? Click here to discover more.

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