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Birthing a New Way of Being

Welcome to 2023, a year predicted to be a bit easier on all of us overall. The tradition to make resolutions each new year can be hard when it happens in Winter, which is known to be a time of rest. Rather than making a resolution for 2023 maybe you want to choose a word or theme that you want to move towards or through. This idea has become more popular in the mindfulness space and I try to not be too stuck on staying with one word or phrase for the whole year. I actually do this in the emails I send you where I pick a different topic for each week of the month that resonates with me. Life changes and fluctuates and when we are resistant to the ebbs and flows we tend to suffer more. You have the ability to choose whatever works for you-you get to decide the time, place and pace.

“The New Year is a painting not yet painted; a path not yet stepped on; a wing not yet taken off! Things haven’t happened yet! Remember that you are blessed with the ability to reshape your life!” T.S. Elliott

This new age we are living in, the Aquarian Age, is filled with lots of chaos, unknowns, fear and massive shifts. This is so we can create a NEW system that works for EVERYONE. Times have been extremely challenging for years as the cycle is said to have started in 2012 and will go through 2032. Many patterns that are no longer working, or serving the collective, will continue to be revealed so that they can be released and changed.

There is no going back to normal as that is not how life works-it is a forward motion-however small the step may be. When we become stuck in the idea of what something "should" look like we become blinded to what can be. Our Full Moon takes place on Friday in the sign of Cancer. Archangel Gabriel, who represents New Beginnings, which is fitting for our first full moon of 2023. Call on him to assist you in releasing and forgiving patterns that no longer serve you or that are holding you back as we are creating a new Earth during the Aquarian Age.

I had some reoccurrences with health issues through out the Holiday season and I realized it is a pattern every year for me. I am usually resisting doing the things that I don't want to do in order to be what other's need of me. I felt disconnected from my body and my inner wisdom- the only message that was constant was my body telling me to REST!! Even I struggle with taking my own advice, because I'm human!!

I pulled back in all areas of my life that didn't feel necessary or like priorities. I was in bed and many times sleeping by 8pm and I didn't shame myself about it. Winter is a time for rest, renewal and healing and I do my best to follow Mother Nature as much as possible. The astrology supports this now as both Mercury (the planet associated with the mind) and Mars (the planet known for action) are both in retrograde. Re-affirming that this is NOT the time for DOING but for REST!!

When we look outside our windows in the Northern Hemisphere most of us see greys, browns and the like. Few of us experience mild green Winters. The landscape seems dreary but the work is still getting done: although on a slower and more mindful pace. When we move through life doing things, many times for other people, we get put last and we suffer in so many ways.

Permission to choose to release the systems that no longer serve you. There is no rule that says you need to keep living your life the same way if it isn't working. People around you may feel as if you are rejecting them if they still ascribe to the old programming and unfortunately you can't change that. This year I'm choosing to just BE more rather than pressuring myself to DO. Join me in Resting rather than Doing because YOU ARE WORTH IT and deserve the REST!!

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