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Can I Think My Way Out of Pain and Illness????

"Where there is pain, there will be strength. Where there is sadness, there will be wisdom. And where there is fear, there will be renewal".

-Mike Dooley

When we ignore the whole body we are not able to fully heal ourselves of pain, illness or disease. Sure, having a positive mindset certainly helps but when we bypass negative emotions and sensations we aren't honoring the messages our body is trying to communicate to us. These messages are letting us know where the body needs help or what is hurting the body and getting in the way of it re-balancing and ultimately healing.

Mindset and the idea of changing our thoughts can be super powerful but it isn't the whole answer because trauma is actually stored in the body not the mind. What I term "manic healing", meaning you do all of the things, and then do more of the things, and keep doing more of the things even if you don't see results, because that is what you've been told to do. All of this does is cause us to feel more of what we are, or were suppressing in the body, in the form of new symptoms or old symptoms returning.

When we over think, trying to fix a problem, we tax ourselves on all levels; energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. By expending so much energy on trying to figure things out we lose point of what the body is really trying to communicate to us. When we are ruminating and stuck in a "manic healing" spiral it is hard to see the forest for the trees. We are left feeling more overwhelmed, frustrated and down right defeated, believing that there is something wrong with us!! This is not a successful recipe for healing or growing. But I promise, the body knows what needs to fixed.

The body actually communicates to the mind first. Not in the order we've been taught, that the mind calls all of the shots and directs the body. This is why mindset work alone doesn't work. You need to bring the whole body along on the journey otherwise you won't achieve lasting results. Pain is a message from the body and when we don't listen to it, it becomes louder until we are forced to deal with the situation. There are no amount of prescription or OTC drugs that will "fix" your problem. How we fix the problem is doing the work and listening to the body.

Please know that your body is so much smarter than we give it credit for and it is only concerned with the being in the NOW. This same intelligence is represented and mirrored in Mother Nature daily. If you notice, She doesn't dwell or ruminate on thoughts, She just IS. She chooses to flow and adjust Her whole system in order to survive. When we respect and work with Her, as well as our bodies, we can bring about more balance, ease and wellness to the system as a whole. Learning how to leave the chaos of the mind behind and stepping into the safety of the body, we can feel the shift happen in real time, and experience the after glow with reverence and awe.

I have many tools that I fall back on and plant medicine is one that has helped me throughout my healing journey which is why I am now offering my original formulations to the world through my Etsy shop. Check them out here.

I've also added a series of new packages of how we can work together to get you back to feeling like YOU!! When we work together, we don't come with an agenda or a list. Instead, we work on re-establishing that connection to your intuition and your higher wisdom through Mother Nature and your Higher Power. We tune into the wisdom of the body, and learn to trust that it is trying to help us, and lead us through our struggles. We breathe, we connect and we feel gratitude for ALL that the body does.

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