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Curing and Healing are NOT the Same Thing

Updated: Jun 3

"Curing is saving the body from death, healing is bringing the individual to wholeness”.

~Maryann Woodman

Many people attribute being healed or cured to an absence of symptoms but as long as you dwell in a physical body you will always have symptoms. Remember your symptoms are messages from your system as it interacts and responds to the world around you.


This will allow for insight for you to be curious about the definition of health and sickness so that you can uncover the wisdom that lies within you for whole body healing. You can cure something without fully healing from it. And you can heal yourself from a condition without curing it.


Dr. Lissa Rankin is someone who has had experience with chronic disease personally, as well as working with patients and I read her books years ago. She explains that in cases of chronic illness or chronic pain, the "said cure" only works when healing happens on a deeper level involving the whole system and each aspect of it; the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic.

Typically the Western medical model and society is focused on what is considered short and instantaneous cures of the physical condition. I’ve found just like others have that these methods are not long lasting in their results. The usual “cures” provided are only band aids for the problem. Many do not address the root cause of why the situation is in fact occurring. The question to be asked is what is the underlying imbalance that needs to be examined at a deeper level?

​​​Are you ready to delve deeper into your health?

Healing is unique to each person and can look different based on your life experiences and how you respond to them. This book is to disrupt the stigma of there being one approach or idea that will work uniformly for each person. The idea that healing is instantaneous if you follow exactly what someone else did that worked for them. That you just need to find the right protocol and then you will be fully healed.

In my work with clients I recognize the pitfalls and roller coaster rides they have been on, as I’ve been on them myself. Are you stuck with reliving bad memories of going to the doctor and not being helped or heard? Or are you afraid to ask for help thinking you don’t need it or aren’t deserving of it? Does sickness or illness benefit you in some way that health will not? Are you tired of hearing a diagnosis and then following the protocol but you don’t get any better?


Looking for more support from someone who gets it and understands what your health is worth?

Those afflicted with chronic disease and pain fall through the cracks of Western Medicine because so many autoimmune conditions have similar symptoms that vary based on multiple factors. Numerous “complex illnesses” can mirror each other and cause misdiagnosis. The situation can be more perplexing when the individual presents with invisible illnesses or symptoms. Cures are in the form of medications but there is little mention of the inner work that is needed.


This is why healing can seem so complicated because there is no standardized protocol or program to follow that will work for every individual. Each person is different in their needs and experiences and how they respond to life. And this is why you may think there is something wrong with you if you have followed a protocol or approach that seemed to work for everyone else but you.


My method is individualized to you and based on Ancient Healing techniques because they are proven and have worked for thousands of years. I know what it feels like to live with chronic pain and disease and how hard it is to get through the day, never mind finding the solutions. This reason is why I help others to heal from these life-long conditions with a "Back to Basics" holistic lifestyle.

Learn more about my "Back to Basics" approach for healing here

I meet my clients where they are because I am living proof that doing something different than the standardized method can work. And I know all too well how it feels to not be seen, heard or believed.


I see you, I hear you and I'm here to help you,


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