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How a Different Approach CAN Work

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

"Your Soul has all of the Answersthe ONLY way to hear them is to go Within"

-Rebecca Campbell

So we've learned about what Energy Medicine is and I've spoke extensively about lifestyle changes, the "power of the plants" and our body's ability to heal. Now let's speak about how being present in the body assists you in having less pain and disease. I have found and learned that we can't heal unless we are connected and present in the physical body. Feeling numb from the neck down or disassociating does not help us to get and feel better or live the lives we fact it actually makes our situation worse.

We've been taught to not trust our intuition and our feelings, because if you can't see them they don't exist. But, these important aspects of ourselves are trying to tell us something in our lives needs to change. Many times we don't know what to do, so we choose to ignore and stifle them which only makes the situation worse and leads us to more unhappiness, frustration, pain and sickness.

"What I've come to understand is that some of the most beautiful experiences we can have are felt, not seen." Rebecca Rosen, a well known spiritual connector explains in her latest book. She speaks about Dr. David Hawkins work, the Map of Consciousness, explaining the connection between our energetic frequency and our emotions. We were designed to experience our emotions and sensations as part of the learning and growing process of being human they are our guides into understanding our journey here on Earth. Emotions are energy in motion and the way the body let's us know what needs to be looked at.

When we can connect back to all of parts of ourselves, the feelings, the sensations and the felt experiences we can begin to lessen the intensity and how many times we are triggered by something in life. I'm here to tell you that you will always be triggered in some way as this is part of the human next time ask to come back as a robot . However, when we allow the body to rebalance and we feel safe being in the body, healing can occur.

The approach that I believe works doesn't entail us re-telling the stories or beating ourselves up over our pasts, presents or futures. It involves unlocking the wisdom through Energy Medicine techniques including breathwork and the "power of the plants". When we are open to making lifestyle shifts that benefit the body we find we also have less pain and disease. By trying something different, we can experience what it feels like to work with the body, rather than against it.

When we choose to spend time in the body witnessing and being curious about what comes up, or through. Rather, than judging or heaping shame and expectations on it; we can begin to move away from the heaviness and the feeling of being stuck. When we begin to understand that every experience we have had affects our entire system as a whole, whether we think they are of consequence or not. It is not up to our logical brain how events are analyzed and decoded, but up to the body whether it registers as safe/calm or dangerous/traumatic. Healing is a journey, not a race.

In our sessions and workshops together, we have no agenda, no itinerary of what needs to happen. The only thing I ask of you, is to breathe and honor what your body is asking of you, easier said than done. As this can be challenging because we are so used to ignoring and shutting down the messages from our body. We choose to work through these emotions and sensations as they come up in the moment, your safety is my number one concern. Throughout our time together, I remind you that you are safe in the here and now. That these emotions and sensations will quickly move through if we trust the body to do what is has been designed to do. By working in this way we allow the body to feel it's way through that 'shut down' reaction and to find safety again. We build resilience in the body so that next time it's a bit easier.

Each session is individual and is focused on what YOU need in order to heal. I ask what you would like to focus on and sometimes we just flow with what comes up in the moment; trusting that what needs to be felt and experienced by you will happen when the body deems it safe. I hold your hand and support your through the process of learning, unlearning and becoming educated and empowered so you can be your best healer.

When we do the hard work of facing our fears in real time something incredible happens...they seem smaller, less scary and we realize we can survive and even learn from them. Join me on a one on one to experience the magic that lives within YOU by taking the first small step and picking a time here or here . This will allow you to have a taste of what can happen when you are open to all of the possibilities that exist for healing.

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