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June reminds me of the song "Schools out for Summer" by Alice Cooper

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Each month I come up with a word or theme that I feel describes the current month. June's word this year is Connection for me which can mean different things to different people. Maybe this is connection to a community, others who are drinking the same kool aid as you. It can be a dance that we do solo with ourselves or with others who support us and accept us for who we are 100%. Maybe this month you decide to wave what you think is your “freak flag” to a small group to test it out-I promise it won’t be as scary as your mind tells you it is.

When we live more in connection and alignment with the body we begin to trust it’s innate intelligence more. We begin to let our guard down some and relax into the space and embody the lessons we have come here as humans to learn. Connect with yourself and connect with those who support you. Share your passions with the world. We are all more similar than different and through shared connection we can all grow more.

Share your gifts the world needs them more than ever NOW!!

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