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Re-Awakening to Something New

Spring has sprung in the Northern hemisphere and that means the days are growing longer, brighter and hopefully warmer. The air smells sweet and clean with the spring bulbs blooming and the trees beginning to bud and leaf out.

By paying attention to Mother Gaia we can begin to awaken to all of the good that still exists even when we live in such a chaotic world. The sun still shines and the moon still rises, the birds sing and the plants grow. The Earth still spins and time still passes. When we can look at the world in simpler ways and appreciate and celebrate the small wins we can re-awaken to what we are meant to do on this journey as human beings.

Re-Awakening to just being and not doing. Re-awakening love and releasing Fear. Re-Awakening to trust and releasing doubt. You have the tools to heal yourself and to awaken to your soul’s purpose. Sometimes we forget all of the tools we have learned so I invite you to incorporate some energy medicine in your life to help ease you through this new transition.

Check out the new class I will be hosting in May that will be combining energy medicine and breathwork to focus on the heart and building resilience

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