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The Benefits of Breathwork & Why I Tout It Soooo Much!!

"There is the in-breath and there is the out-breath and it's easy to believe that we must exhale all the time, without ever inhaling.

But the inhale is absolutely essential if you want to continue to exhale".

-Brene Brown

We all have been breathing since birth, so we don't think there's anything special there. Because in order to survive you must take an inhale and then an exhale. However in our society, we don't value the impact and power of the breath to do anything for us, other than an inhale and an exhale. We even take small shallow breaths to get by in order to not have our "tummy" show or to avoid experiencing our feelings and sensations. When you inhale your belly should rise and when you exhale the belly should contract. Take a minute to see if you are breathing properly or not...most people aren't.

This lack of breathing fully, leads us, and our whole body starved of oxygen, feeling light headed and stressed. The lack of education around breathing deeply affects us in many ways, some we aren't even aware of. By not breathing properly we are preventing the body from processing what comes up in real time; experiencing it and letting it go as the body was designed to do. This inability to sense and feel our worlds leads to more pain and illness in the present and down the road.

Deliberate breathwork is an ancient practice that supports the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic body. It fills your lungs with the oxygen every cell in your body needs but also provides a host of surprising benefits, many of which modern research has now confirmed. It assists in each of the processes that the body runs, if we aren't breathing properly we are inhibiting these processes.

I've been practicing breathwork for many years but I didn't realize I was doing it as a way to escape from my body's pain and symptoms. I was stuck in a loop of overwhelm, frustration and despair and I was desperate for something to help me. I was confused because I was doing all of the things that were suggested but I wasn't experiencing lasting relief. I now know, that it is because I was trying to do it all in my mind and not in my physical body. It takes more than just mindset to heal. Yes, thoughts and beliefs play a role, but if we aren't in the physical body we cannot heal fully. The body has an innate wisdom that modern day science has not caught up to yet...when we allow the body to do what it was designed to do then the real healing occurs. It doesn't need to be fancy or expensive or be the latest trend. The approach just needs to work for YOU.

By bypassing our feelings and sensations, or distracting ourselves from them hoping that they will go away or get better on their own we create more issues in the whole body. Unfortunately by doing this, the opposite typically occurs, the body's messages become louder in the hopes of getting your attention. This is when we dig our heels in more, until we can no longer deny that there is a problem. I find it’s interesting when working with these very effective methods in my own healing, as well as in my clients, that I’ve noticed the only experience people have with their health is going for a 3-month, 6-month or yearly checkup. The doctor is only seen when there is an issue occurring that we can no longer ignore. Typically the course of treatment is to give a pill or other suggestion that only addresses the symptoms and not the root cause of the issue.

I've found, that it’s a different rhythm that is needed in establishing a new relationship with your body; one that creates long-lasting health and relief rather than short-term “fixes”. I’ve learned from my own life experiences with chronic pain and disease as well as with working with clients that we need to be open to trying something different when it comes to healing. Breathwork is a great first step in creating a partnership with your body. During breathwork we can shift our physiology, take back our power over the moment, (which is all we really have) and choose something different. By experiencing what it feels like to be in the physical body we allow the body to let go of what it deems is ready to be released, this is where the healing occurs.

I am here to empower and educate you while providing consistent support and life-long experience throughout your journey. I am here to walk beside you on this discovery to health so that you can learn how to be your own best healer. Knowledge is power and no one can take it from you. If you’ve ever wondered whether you could benefit from breathing exercises or want to know how to get more in touch with your body's healing wisdom I encourage you to listen to this guided breath session I recorded here.

Please share this with others who you may know who are suffering from chronic pain and disease. If you want to read more about the benefits of breathwork check out this article.

Let's set up a call so we can discover together what you need to experience to bring about your own healing from chronic pain and disease. Find a time here.

In support of you,


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