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Togetherness can be Stressful and that's Okay!!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. It is known to be a time of gathering and togetherness-but sometimes that togetherness can be triggering and overwhelming adding to the general stress of the season. These triggers whether internal or external are guides to us where healing needs to occur. Our families know us best and therefore can also push our buttons more than anyone else. Triggers can come up in the form of thoughts or sensations in the body.

Our belief system is that there are consequences to our behavior and that there are right and wrong ways to behave when with our families. We all have been assigned a role/s since we were young but have you ever questioned if this role is true for you? Sometimes we are put back into boxes or roles which we thought we actualized/changed from. This can cause resentment and anger towards our family who may not be comfortable with the “new you”.

If you are feeling triggered by togetherness, remember the value that these individuals bring to your life and express it so that they feel appreciated and affirmed. Take a few deep breaths and think before responding so that you don’t react and regret it. A very smart woman told me it is better to have a small amount of guilt rather than a lifetime of resentment.

Judith Lasater says that “Emotions arise when beliefs are challenged”. This is never truer than when with family. It is important to make room in your schedule for down time where you can process and listen to the messages those triggers were trying to tell you. We all want to be happy in this life-let’s work together on lifting each other up!! Looking for extra support-reach out to me to see if I can help as I would love to support you on your journey!

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