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We Could All Use a Bit of Mothering....

Mother’s Day is known as a day where we give gratitude to our Mothers-whether they are still here with us on Earth or have passed on. We all need a little mothering energy right now as the intensities in the world have only grown stronger. It is important to know that we can also learn how to mother ourselves to heal those unmet needs created in childhood.

This process may feel foreign and uncomfortable and we may hold resentments or frustration that we have to “mother” ourselves now as adults. However, it can be extremely powerful when we realize that we have everything inside of us that we will ever need. And we know better what we need for healing than anyone else does. You could have had a wonderful childhood but still had some needs that were not met-its ok and it's very “normal”. We weren’t raised by robots but by humans who are fallible by nature and have their own childhood wounding.

When we choose to stop looking externally for validation and support we begin to grow and flourish in ways that we never dreamed. We all still have those inner children inside of us who are looking for love, support and belonging. The inner child is our shadow side, the side we keep hidden from the world because it makes us uncomfortable…but it exists for a reason.

When we are triggered in life it is the body showing what we need to pay attention to, what still needs to be healed. When we can choose to connect inside with these inner children and practice shadow work we give ourselves the love and acceptance that we so desire. We can begin to heal those wounds and make our way to becoming whole and healthy adults. When we are whole and healthy we are then unlikely to wound others the way we were wounded.

So, this week, if you celebrate I invite you to celebrate your own inner mother as well. I think it is especially important because it is so crucial to heal ourselves in order to make this world a healthier and more peaceful place. Be the change you want to see!

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