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What Does Abundance Mean to You?

When we align with the energy of abundance we open up to all of the positives that can always be available to us. Everything in the world is energy, including money!! You can clean up your money story at any time in your life! Mindset and mindfulness work are part of the puzzle but you really need to live and embody the positive association to the idea of abundance and wealth.

WE are all unique and were raised differently which means our stories and beliefs about lack and abundance may be quite different and that’s OK!! Depending on your circumstances or upbringing you may have a negative belief about money, maybe you grew up hearing that “money is the root of all evil”; “money doesn’t buy happiness” and so on. Remember these beliefs and stories were formed before age 7 and may not even be yours-as they were the beliefs of those who raised you and impacted how you were taught. Money stories go hand in hand with ancestral trauma, negative life experiences, scarcity mindset and unworthiness.

The idea of lack and scarcity is the common belief system that we are raised in-the idea that you have to work hard to achieve anything and that money is always out of reach. For example when you look at your bank account and see a positive you start thinking of all of the deductions that will happen in the future bringing you back into living paycheck to paycheck and a lack mentality.

Maybe you never had positive associations with money so you unconsciously place a negative energetic cord between it and you. It is never too late to change your beliefs and find out what an abundant life can mean to you. Share below what an abundant life would look like to you and lets get started on embodying a new story and energy around wealth.

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