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Why Introspection May Feel Yucky

Introspection is an idea that can seem very uncomfortable for us, it can lead to over analyzing and what if’s. We have been taught to run away from our feelings, to shove them down because they make us so uncomfortable and are reminders of pain. This causes more harm to the body, mind and spirit.

However, it is not the feelings but the resistance that is causing the yucky feeling. When we fully feel our feelings our body remembers what to do and can transmute and transform the yuck into lessons and the hurts begin to be healed. It is where the magic happens and I have never felt freer and lighter since doing it as part of my daily routine although it is not easy by any means. In our daily world we experience massive amounts of stress as we live in a competitive society where we all want to one up each other. We are only rewarded for "doing" not "being" which makes us constantly running on the hamster wheel of life. This is not healthy nor productive and it keeps us stuck in this spiral of fear, not being enough and unworthy of all that is good. These are all ideas I still struggle with but now I am becoming more aware when they arise. Sometimes, I can recognize them and ask if they are real or true for me or is it a false belief system? Again this is a practice and it is not easy and sometimes it is too much for us to handle.

Triggers come up to shine a light on unhealed wounds from our childhood or past lives. Trauma can be our own or inherited from our ancestors and past lives. When we lash out trying to get our needs met is when shame and guilt can take over. They can control us telling us we are unworthy, bad, not good enough, undeserving of love/happiness. We can breathe into all of it and remember that Louise Hay says “a thought is just a thought and it can be changed.”

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