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Winter is a Time for Rest Not for Doing

Winter gets to be a time for laying a new foundation which will support us throughout the coming year. Now is the time to relax and go within and to rest. Becoming quiet so you can begin to hear and honor your intuition. By quieting the mind we are less distracted by the noise that exists internally and externally 24/7. Many times this "noise" negatively affects our path for our life’s purpose and our connection to our inner knowing.

When we can listen to our intuition our connection to Source/Spirit/Mother Nature/Universe strengthens and grows. We find this connection to our intuition through rest and silence. I don’t know about you but when I get quiet that’s when I find the magic happens. This is when I have insights for new formulas, new ideas for writing and a stronger sense of grounding and peace. My intuition has grown stronger throughout these past years of healing. Even though it wasn’t always pleasant at times I have found a greater appreciation for it as I now have a stronger foundation to build from.

An ancient Tibetan healer once said that the key to healing the body and

mind is stillness, silence, and spaciousness

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